Arts in Education

Rochester Arts & Lectures promotes scholarship through the award winning Encounters with Excellence program. Sixteen high school students from the Monroe County area and their teachers receive educational materials about the guest speaker, attend the lecture at no charge, attend author receptions, and receive signed copies of the authors’ books.

For the past year, we have been planning the expansion of Encounters with Excellence. It is our belief that we could reach even more students with an in-school lecture program. The program is designed as an enriched learning opportunity rather than entertainment. The speaker will be one who appeals directly to young adults, one with whom they can relate.

The program goal is to reach students who might never be in a position to participate in a program that targets academically more advanced students. They would be exposed to a speaker in an intimate setting. The speaker would be carefully chosen so students can relate to the writer’s life experiences, and, thereby, see that successful writers come from all walks of life; that they share many of the same experiences, that the beauty of language is expressed in many forms and formats, and the opportunity to write is open to everyone.

The Rochester City School District, and Writers & Books are partnering with us to insure the success of Encounters with Excellence. This is not an inexpensive program and it will need to be supported with grant monies and donations for this specific use.

Funding for the Encounters with Excellence program is provided by Robin and Michael Weintraub, Alan Cameros, and Rochester Arts & Lectures’ subscribers.

Gifts in support of Encounters with Excellence can be made at

Educators are encouraged to contact us to learn more about participating in the Encounters with Excellence program at